The Frenetic Sport Webshop where we await our customer with new discounts every week! In this site you can find the most fashionable fitness tops, trousers, shorts, sports bra and pole dance short. In addition you can select among several fitness and nutritional supplement, for example fitness sport belt or your energy level refresher and your fat metabolism corrective fat burning capsules. We have new collections like Christmas! Lets take a look at it!

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The Frenetic one of the leading domestic brand of sports wear, fitness wear, leisure wear, aerobic wear in fitness clothes production



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Name: FRENETIC Fitness
Adress:Budapest 1183 Rím Street 21.
Phone number:06-70/ 402-42-00
E-mail adress:
Bank account number: Pándi Károly: HU02162001441851710900000000,      Magnet Bank:1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98.

Tax number: 66689595-1-43

The customer: who makes use of FRENETIC Web-shop's service, that is to say register himself in the Web-shop and/or order a product, that is to say buy sportswear. Transporter's datas
DPD courier service

Just registered users can buy in our Web-shop! In our Web-shop you can have a look at our products without singin in, but if you also want to buy, you must register in our Web-shop. You have to do nothing else, than fill the needed datas in under the Registration menu.  Items marked with a * are required, because these datas are indispensable to buying, transporting.
You can fill the datasheet in under the REGISTRATION menu. We send regularly Newsletter for the registered visitors(if you ask for under the NEWSLETTER MENU), where we inform every costumer about the latest news of the FRENETIC sports- and fitness wear, as well as the Web-shop's current sales!
You can choose the type of the product that you want to buy on the left under the PRODUCTS menu, or rather under the home site's PRODUCT CATEGORIES. 12 same type product appear in one site. By clicking on the picture of the chosen product on the picture's side you can find the exact description and the material composition of the product. The price and the current discount is indicated under the picture! You can also choose the suitable size of the product by clicking on the rolling arrow under the sizemark icon. You can order that sizes of the chosen product that are indicated, we can't comply with the orders of the missing sizes. You can also order more products. In this case it can happen, that we can't transport the asked amount, because meanwhile the store can run off! The products color can be find in the description on the picture's side, because the picture can be illustration and the product's color can be other. But if you can't imagine the product in the given color on the basis of the description, we could send a picture of the product in the available color in e-mail.
In case of new products the other avaible colors of the product are indicated under the product. On the right you can have a look at the products in other categories that are connected with the chosen product in the same product family. When the datas of the size and the amount are suitable, by clicking on the ADD TO THE CART icon you get the product ready for ordering.
By clicking on the ADD TO CART icon you can look trough the exact color, size and price of the products that you want to buy! If you want to change the amount, you could do it here simply with overwriting the indicated amount. If you want to change the other datas, you must erase the chosen product. By clicking on the ERASE THE CART icon you can erase the whole content of the basket and you can erase just the marked product by ticking the little square in front of the product. If you want to continue the shopping and you are planning to buy other products, you can continue searching in our Web-shop by clicking on the CONTINUE SHOPPING icon! If you finish the shopping you can go on by clicking on the CHECK OUT icon!
By clicking on the CHECK OUT icon in the next step you can grant the delivering and the invoicing datas! The filling in is required! The delivering address don't have to match with the invoicing address! It is suggested to write the address to the delivering address where you are available during the day, or where somebody can take your pack from the DPD courier service's colleague. If the delivering datas match with the invoicing datas, it is acceptable to click on the THE INVOICING AND THE DELIVERING DATAS MATCH icon and the system copies the exact invoicing datas automaticly! The pack will be delivered to the delivering address and on the check that address will be indicated that was written to the invoicing datas! Please give a phone number under the invoicing address that the courier service can call you if there is any problems.
MODE OF DELIVERING The price does not include the transportation expense in case of transport on abroad.The transportation expense depends on the transport address and the weight of the merchandise.We send an offer in case of export order onto the transportation expense.The transportation expense is needed separately to transfer in our bank. 
By clicking on the CONTINUE button you can choose from 3 paying modes. You can pay with creditcard from home, with transfer(in this case the pack can be send just after paying) or you can pay the cash to the courier service's colleague when you take the pack over.
By clicking on the CONTINUE button you can check all the filled personal datas and the product's datas! Please look trough thoroughly to avoid the misunderstandings! In the COMMENTS place you can write us requests about the delivering, that we transmit for the colleague who does the deliver! If all the datas are suitable, please do not forget to accept the COSTUMER TERMS and by clicking on the BUY NOW button you can send us the order, whereof we send an acknowledgement in e-mail.
Thank you for buying!

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Hip-23 long sleeves T-shirt
Price: 10.200 Ft
HINA-02- t-shirt
Price: 7.350 Ft
UNDER-00/01 men's T-shirt
Price: 5.900 Ft
HELGA-24 high-waisted leggings
Price: 7.550 Ft
HUG-54 fitness capri
Price: 6.195 Ft
Frenetic Fitness Clothes-Darb-fitness capri
Price: 7.900 Ft
Price: 6.000 Ft
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