The Frenetic Sport Webshop where we await our customer with new discounts every week! In this site you can find the most fashionable fitness tops, trousers, shorts, sports bra and pole dance short. In addition you can select among several fitness and nutritional supplement, for example fitness sport belt or your energy level refresher and your fat metabolism corrective fat burning capsules. We have new collections like Christmas! Lets take a look at it!

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The Frenetic one of the leading domestic brand of sports wear, fitness wear, leisure wear, aerobic wear in fitness clothes production



Laundry guide

In the interest of protecting the ware's quality and durability, please keep an eye on the laundry guide as well as the description below!
-Wash our products with inactive detergency without soaking, in maximum 40 degree water pressed!
-DO NOT soak!
-Wash the more colored clothes always dissociated!
-The pre-wash is offered, in this case wash the product also dissociated with inactive detergency and change the water more times!
-DO NOT iron the product's patterned side on the inside and the outside! (We do not assume responsibility for this kind of damages!)
-We do not assume responsibility for other damages!(washing in a washing maschine, ironing over 110 degree, color changing, because of washing together with other clothes)

Thank you for choosing our products, we hope they give a comfortable feeling and you enjoy wearing them! With keeping an eye on the written above, the FRENETIC sport and fitness colthes will retain their original condition, quality. We hope you will be satisfied with our products and you will come back!

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HELGA-23 high-waisted fitness leggings
Price: 8.400 Ft
Price: 6.000 Ft
Hilly-01/62 fitness top
Price: 6.000 Ft
OBI-23 sport vest
Price: 9.000 Ft
HELGA-21 high-waisted fitness leggings
Price: 8.400 Ft
HELGA-54 high-waisted leggings
Price: 8.400 Ft
BASIC-21-M fashionable leggings
Price: 7.350 Ft
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